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The first ministerial government information facility with regard to direct foreign investment initiatives for Japan was set up in May 2003, by METI(the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry) and is a place that deals with the enquiries and paper work connected with investment in Japan.

Efforts to organize the promotional framework of foreign direct investment and the fundamental thinking behind management practices and to actively offer information to each region have begun in earnest. The intention is to combine the regions as one unit for attracting foreign investment to Japan and is based on a decision handed down by the chairman of the Japan Investment Council, on May 23rd, 2003, moves have been made to join together all the sections responsible for investment in japan in regional centres across the entire country by July 1st, 2004.

(1)The Combined Direct Investment Facility for Japan at the Kansai Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Within the Commercial Investment & Exchange Promotion Division there is a section dedicated to the Combined Direct Investment Facility for Japan and it began operation on July 1st this year.

Contact details for the Combined Direct Investment Facility for Japan :
Direct Telephone Number : +816-6966-6035
Fax Number : +816-6966-6087
Mail Address : invest-japan-kansai@meti.go.jp

*The Main Content of the Governmental Serives Offered by the Aforementioned Facility

The offering of information & counseling with regard to investment

-Assistance with the application of approval permits (1)
-Paper work concerning verification of the appopriate application of acts of law
(Japan is a system that abides by a "No action letter" system) where the administration of inquiries are conducted so that complaints from inquirers are responded to and properly heard.

*For information as to how complaints are dealt with, please refer to the flow-chart on the separate sheet.

*Methods of Counseling at the Aforementioned Facility

It is possible to make an inquiry to the investment facility by phone, fax, email or visiting our office in person. We will ask the inquirer for the name and details of their inquiry, but we will endeavour to handle each inquiry in a discreet manner and abide by the 1999 No.42 law which relates to not allowing companies to lose any justifiable profits due to the public disclosure of information held by governmental organizations.

*Methods of Providing Answers from the Aforementioned Facility

As a general rule we will endeavour to answer an inquiry within 10days of receiving the inquiry.(however, it is possible that this period may be longer, particularly with regard to inquires connected with the application of approval permits, those cases requiring longer administrative periods than the standard period or those cases requiring discreet judgment.)

(For reference)Promotion of Japanese Domestic Investment
As [The Key to Reviving japan] it is hoped that foreign investment in japan will revitalize the Japanese economy. In a meansures and policy speech given in January last year, Prime Minister Koizumi announced that he hoped to "double the amount foreign investment in Japan in five years". Starting with a visit to the US, the Prime Minister has made requests to other country's leaders to increase their investment in Japan.

The flow chart of the "Invest Japan" initiative by the MET-kansai with regard to business Enquiries.

For Further Inquiries
The Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade & Industry : Commercial Investment and Investment & Exchange Promotion Section :
Direct No. +816-6966-6035/ General No. +816-6966-6000/Internet No. 2420-2423

(1) We do not take acceptance of approval permit applications
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