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Under the Kansai Ambassador Program, the Kansai Council and the Kansai Council of Investment Promotion (hereafter referred to as the 'two councils') aim to attract visitors to the Kansai region and to promote investment in the region by appointing 'Kansai Ambassadors' (hereafter referred to as 'the Ambassadors') who are willing to cooperate with the region's public relations activities both at home and abroad.
Name : Satoshi Iue
Company Name : Sanyo Electric Co.,Ltd
Job Title : Chairman
Main Activities : Vice Chairman, Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Tel : 06-6991-1181
Name : Katsuo Inabata
Company Name : Inabata Co.,Ltd
Job Title : Chairman
Main Activities : Honorary Consul of Republic of Portugal onOsaka
President, Societe Franco-Japonaised Osaka
President, The Japan-Thailand Trade Association
Tel : 06-6267-6062
Fax : 06-6267-6041
e-mail : Katsuo@inabata.co.jp
Name : Yoshikuni Inoue
Company Name : Pacific Resource Exchange Center
Job Title : Chairman
Main Activities : Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Kansai Economic Federation
Tel : 06-4395-2650
Fax : 06-4395-2640
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