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hi-tech companies
These are brief introductions to the latest research in Biotechnology studied in the Kansai region.
Type of Laboratory :Private Company
>>>Environment Protection
1. Biomaterials Co., Ltd.
Division of Technology and Development
2. Daiwa Kasei K.K.
Division of Research and Development
3. Fujikin Incorporated.
Osaka Plant Technical Development Center
4. Gold Fermentation Technology Institute Corporation
Counterplan for Thermophic bacteria and Global warming Lab.

5. Kobe Steel Ltd.
Chemical & Environmental Technology Laboratory
>>>Medical care & Medical supplies
1.Shionogi Qualicaps Co., Ltd.
Research Institution
2. Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.
3. Toyo Hakka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Department of Technology Research and Development Section
4. Unitika Ltd.
Central Research Institute Technical Development of Base Department
5. Welfide Corporation
Pharmaceutical Research Division
>>>Health & Raw Foodstuffs
1. Asahimatsu Foods Co., Ltd.
Research Institution of Food
2. Kurabo Industries Ltd.
New Business Promotion Department
3. Peptide Institute Inc.
4. Shiono Koryo Kaisya, Ltd.
Shiono Research Center
>>>Measurement & Valuation
1. Free Electron Laser Research Institute Inc.
Functional Materials Research Promotion Group
2. Ion Engineering Research Institute Corp.
Division of Administrative Planning
3. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Health Care Development Office
1. Kaneka Corporation
Life Science RD Center
2. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Akashi Technical Institution Chemical and Environmental Research Department
3. Nisshin Electric Co., Ltd.
Advanced Material Research Dept., R&D Division
4. the Japan Clinical Laboratories, Inc.
Division of Bioassay Nishiwaki Lab., Osaka Lab.
5. Wakenyaku Co., Ltd.
R & D Department Division of Technical Development >
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