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Hi-tech companies
Type of Industry : Precision Instrument and machinery
Products: Measuring instruments, medical equipment, aviation and industrial equipment
* Holds the top share in the world for TOC (total organic carbon) meters in the field of measuring instruments.
* Holds the top domestic share for chromatographs and spectrophotometers.
* Developed the world's first X-ray television system in the field of medical equipment.
Focusing on Our Technology: * Pursuit of the three core technologies, optical technology, X-ray technology and image processing technology while striving for the development of original new functions and new technologies.
* In the field of biotechnology, jointly developed the world's fastest gene analyzer with the Physicochemical Research Institute and Science and Technology Promotion Association.
* Developed the world's first optical CT system, and concentrating efforts on research of leading-edge technologies.
Company Focus and Activities: * Operates overseas production facilities at 7 locations including the US and UK, and has 38 overseas subsidiaries and an agent and sales network consisting of more than 200 companies.
* Engaged in donation of funding, loaning of analytical instruments and providing support for analytical work for the "East Asian Region Environmental Monitoring and Analysis - Technical Transfer and Environmental Management" project began by the United Nations University in 1995, and for the "East Asian Region Environmental Hormone Monitoring and Analysis" project began in 1999.
Established: 1917 (Funded 1875)
Capital: 16,830,000 Yen
Number of Employees: 3552
Contact Information: General Administration & Environmental Management Department
TEL:+81-75-823-1111 FAX:+81-75-811-3188
More Information: http://www.shimadzu.com/
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