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Hi-tech companies
Type of Industry : Non-Manufactures (manufactures and system engineering)
Products: Compound Semiconductor Ceramic (Trade name: Marine Stone)
Decomposition and removal technique of environmental pollutants contained in industrial wastes by using the compound semiconductor ceramic. (COMSC) with high oxdation-reduction reacting power. With its photo catalystic, electrolytic, piezoeIectricity, and magnetism functions, CCMSC can achieve higher oxdaion-reduction reacting powder than the conventional technique. The advanced reacting power is obtained by sintering COMSC in a specific atmosphere, and by coating the ceramic surface with superconductive materials.
Focusing on Our Technology: * Complete decomposition of water-bloom and red tide growing in rivers, Iakes and marshes, moats, etc.
* Decomposition of organic chlorine compounds such as trichioroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, cis-1, 2-dichlorothylene, and carbon tetrachloride contained in ground water.
* Decomposition and removal of waste oil such as mineral oil and vegetable oil contained in industrial wastes.
* Decomposition and removal of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, and nitrate nitrogen contained in hydrosphere.
Company Focus and Activities: We produce this non-toxic product by using inorganic material (without, using chemicals), which is harmless to human and other living organisms as well as to the soil environment. We make water quality improved to the degree of drinking water by letting water through COMSC. With the oxdation-reduction reaction of semiconductor, which is highly durable different from the conventional activated charcoal and activated sludge methods, we can achieve the Iong-lasting decomposition and removal effect and consequently decrease in running costs.
Established: 1975
Capital: 10,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees: 11
Contact Information: TEL:+81-776-27-1031 FAX:+81-776-22-6168
Contact Person: FUKUOKA Kenji
E-mail: hukko@aqua.ocn.ne.jp
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