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Hi-tech companies
Type of Industry : General machinery
Products: Chemical plants and bio plants.
* Our forte includes separating and refining plants, reaction plants and bio plants.
* A variety of unique products (equipment) we have developed. On the basis of these products, we provide engineering service for total cost reduction of the plant.
Focusing on Our Technology: Patents are pending for the unique products we have developed. They include a lift tray, a winner of an academic society award, a multi-chamber evaporator, an MS column, the Hi-U brusher and a Wall Wetter.
Established: 1948
Capital: 44,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees: 56
Contact Information: Technical Department
TEL:+81-6-6419-7121 FAX:+81-6-6419-7126
Contact Person: KANEDA Manpei
E-mail: technical@kce.co.jp
More Information: http://www.kce.co.jp/
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