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Hi-tech companies
Type of Industry : Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
Products: Works Planting Mat, Sun 21 Greening System
The Works Planting Mat is a three-dimensional mat made of synthetic fiber used to shape soil for the purpose of planting. The Sun 21 Greening System is an artificial ground planting and landscaping system incorporating these mats and features a lightweight, modular structure.
Focusing on Our Technology: The Works Planting Mat is 25 mm thick with containing cross-woven synthetic fiber thread and has just the right amount of elasticity. It allows the ground underneath to breathe and provides adequate drainage. At the same time, it maintains the ground's water holding capacity and prevents concretion. The Sun 21 Greening System consists of ultra-lightweight and compact units (modules) each measuring 50 cm by 50 cm, 7 cm thick, and weighing approximately 12 kg. It can be installed easily in just about any location, making it ideal for urban applications requiring an artificial ground planting and landscaping solution.
Company Focus and Activities: We are currently developing technology that will enable us to use recycled plastic from sources such as plastic beverage bottles as the fiber, as well as powder made from incinerated sewage sludge as the planting soil, in planting and landscaping system such as those described above.
Established: 1989
Capital: 60,500,000 Yen
Number of Employees: 3
Contact Information: TEL:+81-725-92-2851 FAX:+81-725-92-2852
Contact Person: INOUE Hitoshi
E-mail: k-inoue@osa.att.ne.jp
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