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Hi-tech companies
Type of Industry : Plastic Products General machinery Electrical machinery
Products: Planetary Gear Unite, Precision Injection Molding
Including the standard type and custom-engineered types, MATEX's Planetary Gear Unit have a large market share because of a wide range of models and reduction ratios. Development and production of the mechanism of actuater, power unit, pump, etc.
Focusing on Our Technology: MATEX's Planetary Gear Unite, which have had good sales results for more than 30 years, have many features, such as high efficiency, low noise, high torque, equivalent distribution mechanism, and standardization of gears, that solved the problems of the conventional types of the unit. As a result, they have a high reputation internationally for low cost, high quality, and high performance.
others: In addition to our factory in the main office, which functions as a center of development and engineering, we provide the product's planning and manufacture ( the total process of planning development, quality, costs and overseas expansion), for clients in cooperation with our overseas factory and project office in Asia.
From now on, we are trying to spend much more of our managerial resources on the development and production of both the mechanism and the speed up and reduction gear. As we are chosen a member of the Kansai Robot Study Group sponsored by the Kansai Economic Federation, we focus on the applicational use of robot technology.
Established: 1950
Capital: 45,000,000 yen
Number of Employees: 100
Contact Information: Business Coordination
TEL:+81-729-41-8651 FAX:+81-729-41-8679
Contact Person: MATOBA Hiroyoshi
E-mail: matex@pop06.odn.ne.jp
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