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Hi-tech companies
Type of Industry : Fabricated Metal Products
Products: Large aluminum castings and forgings
The company's aluminum alloy casting tanks (pressured vessels containing SF6 gas), used in heavy-current switchgears (GIS) for power transmission and distribution, have a commanding share of the market in Japan.
The other products are parts for LNG pumps, large aluminum castings for marine parts, flanges for pressure vessels, and large aluminum forgings including wheels for passenger cars.
Focusing on Our Technology: RYOSAN INDUSTRY has a wide range of casting and forging technologies for materials including copper and copper alloys, cast iron, and high alloys such as nickel alloy.
The company has integrated technology and manufacturing ability, covering planning, design of casting and forging, heat treatment, machining, and special testing.
From the design stage, RYOSAN INDUSTRY is able to select material and manufacturing processes that allow customized production and reduce the total costs.
Company Focus and Activities: Obtained ISO 9002 certification in November 1998
RYOSAN INDUSTRY has started exporting above mentioned aluminum cast tanks (large tanks with a diameter of 700 mm and length of 2,600 mm) to the United States since March 1999. Exports continue to expand
At main factory (Kobe City): castings and forgings of non-ferrous alloys
At Asahi factory (Aichi Prefecture): cast iron and high alloy castings
Established: 1970
Capital: 300,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees: 247
Contact Information: Sales Department
TEL:+81-78-986-6614 FAX:+81-78-986-4472
Contact Person: HORIUCHI Takashi
E-mail: horiuchi@ryosan-ind.co.jp
More Information: http://www.ryosan-ind.co.jp
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