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Hi-tech companies
Type of Industry : Chemical and Allied Products
Products: Biodegradable plastics
Development, production and sales of biodegradable plastics having for their main components environmentally-friendly natural resins.
Focusing on Our Technology: Although the biodegradable plastics of several firms are currently on the market, since they are extremely expensive as compared with conventional plastics (roughly 6-10 times higher), they have achieved very little proliferation.
Bluepra has the features indicated below:
1. Priced at half the price of conventional biodegradable plastics (unit price per kilogram in pallet form)
2. Excellent processing ease and artistic qualities
3. Stable supply in large volume
4. No production of dioxins or other harmful gases during combustion
5. Quantity of heat generated during combustion of 5,000 cal/g or less, which is equivalent to less than half that of PE-PP general-purpose plastics.
Established: 1998
Capital: 10,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees: 3
Contact Information: TEL:+81-6-6225-1160 FAX:+81-6-6225-1111
Contact Person: HAYASHI Michio

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