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Hi-tech companies
Type of Industry : Textile Mill Products Apparel and Other Finished Products
Products: Artificial reefs for fish farming and mats for plant cultivation
A major trend in the fisheries industry today is the shift form 'catching' fish to 'farming' them.
Sakai Ovex developed the 'artificial reef for fish farming' by applying fiber-processing technology, our core area of business. Research to turn this technology into marketable products has been conducted in co-operation with research institutions throughout Japan. Sakai Ovex has further developed the 'artificial reef' technology into areas of business such as 'mats for plant cultivation' and 'biotope construction,' in which thick growths of reeds are used for aesthetic effect in ponds and lakes, as well as to improve water quality and provide breeding areas for fish.
Focusing on Our Technology: Our 'artificial reef' products are distinctive because they feature a nylon 'sprouting medium' affixed to a reef body made of concrete, etc. The sprouting medium is a base panel affixed nylon woven, which is made of concrete, steel, or plastic using an electric 'sprouting' technique with net pattern or other complex pattern.
As plankton, etc., multiply it becomes a feeding ground for fish, and a place for them to lay eggs and raise and protect their young. Soon seaweed begins to grow and provides additional protection. We are currently engaged in the development of artificial reefs with special, regional characteristics in conjunction with fisheries testing facilities, fish farming centers, and other research institutions throughout Japan.
Established: 1934
Capital: 4,153,620,000 Yen
Number of Employees: 895
Contact Information: General Affairs Dept. Corporate Communication Section
TEL:+81-776-36-5800 FAX:+81-776-36-5827
Contact Person: NISHIMOTO Masaru
E-mail: info@po.sakaiovex.co.jp
More Information: http://www.sakaiovex.co.jp/
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