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The Kansai region has evolved into one of the country's most advanced industrial regions. It has long been home to a wide range of highly prosperous heavy and chemical industries, including shipbuilding, chemicals, iron and steel making and petrochemicals. Yet it has also attracted more consumer -oriented industries in areas such as electrical machinery, textiles, and foods.
Today, Kansai's industries are undergoing a rapid structural reformation focusing on advanced technologies such as biotechnology, electronics and new materials. At the same time, Kansai exports an increasing array of commodities bearing world-famous brand names.
Kansai is displaying a higher international profile as its cities become more progressive and its industries - from advanced technology to consumer-oriented goods and services - become more diverse. This growth is raising expectations for Kansai's accelerated development in the future.
Potential of Life-Science Industry in Kansai

Appeal of Life Science Industry in Kansai

The Kansai Region is quite advanced by world standards in the convergence of research facilities in the life sciences. Notably, the Saito Life Science Park located in northern Osaka and the Kobe Medical Industrial City are bioscience clusters that typify the rush of activities in the life science industry, chiefly drug development and regenerative medicine, as well as high-tech medical treatment and devices.
Meanwhile, companies with technological know-how in chemistry, food, textile, precision machinery and other sectors are now embarking on bio-related industry. Core and peripheral technologies relating to biotechnology are being pursued together in Kansai. This is a feature and strength of the biotech sector of the region, which makes the region’s appeal very distinct in tandem with the growth potential of the bioscience industries and the ensuing market expansion.
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