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hi-tech companies
This is a directory of laboratories of universities, local governments, and other organizations in the Kansai region studying mainly in the industrial field.
Two different classifications are available. You can access all information by using whichever classification you choose.
Main Research Field:Improvement of the Urban Environment
>>>Fukui Prefecture
1. Snow Management and Construction Tecnology Research Center of Fukui Pref.
>>>Shiga Prefecture
>>>Kyoto Prefecture
1. Kinden Kyoto Institute
2. Kyoto University/Graduate School of Energy Science/Department of Fundamental Energy ScienceOsaka Prefecture
>>>Osaka Prefecture
1. Asanuma Corporation Technical Research Institute
2. General Building Research Corporation of Japan
3. Konoike Construction Co., Ltd./Research Institute of Technology
4. Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
5. Osaka National Research Institute, AIST
>>>Hyogo Prefecture
1. Kobe University/Research Center for Urban Safety and Security
2. Toyo Construction Co., Ltd./Technical Research Institute
>>>Nara Prefecture
1. Kiso-Jiban Consultants Co. Ltd./Rock Engneering Center

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