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international Events and Facilities
International business events
Booths from various countries to display products and promote business talks at G-BOC. Business talks at GVF.  
Many international business events are held in the Kansai region. GVF (Global Venture Forum) held as an event which provides excellent overseas and domestic high-tech venture businesses to meet with potential Japanese business partners for technology alliance, expanding sales channels, and raising fund.
Substantial business facilities
INTEX OSAKA is one of Japan's leading international exhibition facilities.
" INTEX OSAKA", which is located in Kansai, is one of Japan's leading international exhibition facilities and is the venue for the numerous import trade fairs and symposiums that are held throughout the year.
Some organizations also provide business people from abroad with temporary offices at no charge. These offices are available for specific periods to those engaged in business activities in Kansai.
Also being offered is personalized and expert advice on business issues.
Active business exchanges
U.S-Japan Investment Seminar 2004 in kyoto
In addition, Kansai has been the site of active business exchanges, as exemplified by "the Kansai-Canada West Business Forum" , "the Kansai-North West England Business Forum" ,U.S-Japan Investment Seminar ,and "the Team Canada".
International Conferences
The international convention center is equipped with the most excellent functions in the world. (planning to open in the Spring of 2000)
The APEC Leaders and Ministerial Meetings, which brought together the leaders of the eighteen APEC member economies, were held in Osaka in November 1995.
In December 1997, Kyoto was the venue for COP III - the third session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - and its ten thousand participants from 161 countries. In November 1994, the World Conference of Tourism Ministers was held in Osaka for the promotion of tourism; in November 1997, Kobe was the venue for the Ministers Conference on employment issues. In October 2002, International Energy Forum was held in Osaka and in January
2005, The world Conference on Disaster Reduction was held in Kobe.
International Prize-Awarding Ceremony
The three laureates of Kyoto Prizes were each presented with temari by the children of Kyoto.
In November of every year, the Inamori Foundation's Kyoto Prizes Awarding Ceremony is held in Kyoto. This Foundation was established by Dr. Kazuo Inamori - founder of Kyocera Corporation in 1984 - and the prize is regarded to be as prestigious as the Nobel prize. This is an international prize which features three categories - "Advanced Technology", "Basic Sciences" and "Creative Arts and Moral Sciences". The winners and many people from all over the world congregate in Kyoto for the ceremony and related events.
Kyoto Prizes
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