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A wealth of excellent labor
One of the wonderful aspects of Kansai is its wealth of excellent labor.
There are a lot of universities, colleges, junior colleges and technical colleges, totaling 250,which have about 717 thousand excellent human resources every year.
High Educational Level and Abundant Human Resources
Number of Universities and Junior Colleges, etc. (2003)
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Number of Students (2003)
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Many excellent researches and engineers to support the industry
Kansai has many universities and colleges, next to Tokyo area; and both the number of schools and the number of students occupy twenty (20) percent of the whole country.
Such a large number of students, educated by many outstanding researchers / educators, are produced as excellent researchers or engineers, who form a foundation for the industry in Kansai.
Number of univ. and colleges
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Number students in univ.and colleges(x1000)
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Fostering Human resources to support Bio-related R&D

Nagahama Institue Bio-Science and Technology HP
The Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology (in Shiga prefecture) is proceeding human resourses as follows, which is based on the "Fostering a Bio-Himan Resources System Development" that has been assigned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

1. Fostering Bioinformatics technical experts with foundamental Knowledge and the techniques of both biotechnology, IT (information technology) and practical ability.

2. Fostering Bioinformatics technological experts who can communicate with reserchers in both fields concerned and promote joint reserch and development.

3. Fostering talented persons who are able to adapt and cope with the remarkable development of biotechnology or give theorization and predictability to biotechnology by making the most of IT.
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