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Location and Transportation
Location & Transportation
Kansai International Airport is the only around - the - clock airport in Japan and has flights not only to all around the world, but also to every region in Japan. This means that the airport is very useful for international business. The airport offers 846 passenger flights a week to 65 cities and 151 cargo flights a week to 32 cities around the world.(As of September, 2004)
Kansai International Airport
From the airport, one can reach Tokyo in only 1hour by domestic flights. By taking trains or highway from the airport, one can reach the cities of Osaka, Kobe, or Wakayama in less than 1hour; the cities of Kyoto and Nara in only 1hour and 30minutes; and Fukui City, which is the farthest main city in Kansai from the airport, in 3hours. These travel times compare quite favorably with the 2hours required to reach downtown Tokyo from New Tokyo International Airport. Clearly, Kansai offers exceptionally convenient transportation access.
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