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The Vast Kansai Market
In 2002, Kansai's GDP (US$746 billion) accounted for 18.02% of that of Japan as a whole (US$4,141 billion). In GDP terms, this ranks Kansai as the world's eighth-largest economy. Kansai, home to a population of 23.32 million people with a per capita income of US$31,999, presents an enormous consumer market.
In addition, this market has an exceptionally convenient transportation network that facilitates movement between Kansai's many cities.
Clearly, Kansai offers a wide array of valuable business opportunities for investors from abroad.
Economic Scale of Kansai
Outline of Kansai (2001)
Per capita GDP of Major Countries and Kansai (2002)
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GDP of Major Countries and Kansai (2002)  
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