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> Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Osaka

Web Site http:// www.jetro.go.jp
(languages: English, Japanese )

Location <Address>
5F Nakanoshima Mitsui Bldg., 3-3 Nakanoshima, 3-Chome Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005
To Contact <Section>
Business Services Center
    (Address) Same as the above
(Phone) +81-6-6447-2309
(Fax) +81-6-6447-2329
(Person in charge) Go Miyabe
(E-mail) osc@jetro.go.jp

Message from the Organization
JETRO Osaka represents the Kansai Council of Investment Promotion (K-CIP) as the first access point for foreign companies that are interested in entering the Japanese market. JETRO conducts various programs such as providing investment information and consulting services, inviting potential foreign investors in Japan, exchanging international business missions, etc., to promote foreign investment in the Kansai region.
Support Measures
(1) Information Services Providing investment information in Japan
JETRO provide information on investment conditions, the Japanese government's foreign investment promotion programs, investment attracting programs by local governments and investment-related organizations, and current news around investment in Japan through our web site, mail magazine and newsletters. The Web site " INVEST IN JAPAN " includes information on investment environment covering 47 prefectures and 12 Cities, Q&A about JapanÊfs investment climate, investment cost simulation, JETRO investment promotion services and Trade Tie up Promotion Program (TTPP) which help foreign and Japanese companies to search for international business partner via the Internet. We also provide domestic and foreign businesses and related organizations with our original monthly e-mail letters on investment and business climate in Japan such as how to set up a businesses, law and regulations, legal procedures, markets research, industrial park map, etc.
(2) Information Services JETRO Business Library
To meet the needs of foreign companies and businessmen, JETRO provide Invest-in-Japan information. There are materials prepared by JETRO and books on the Japanese investment and business environment available in the library. JETRO Business Library Osaka

Address: 5F Nakanoshima Mitusi Bldg., 3-3 Nakanoshima, 3-Chome Kita-Ku, Osaka 530-0005 TEL +81-6-6447-2308
FAX +81-6-6447-2336
(3) Business Matching Investment support programs (IJSP)
JETRO invites groups of executives of foreign potential investor companies (two target industrial sectors / three groups / several persons each) to provide opportunities for studying the investment environment in Japan. This program (Invest in Japan Study program: IJSP) includes Japanese market seminars, a visit to local companies and institutes and business meetings with potential business partners so as to support approach to Japanese market.
(4) Business Matching Region-to-Region Initiatives for Industrial development
In order for Japanese regions to vitalize and internationalize their economy through their industrial collaboration with foreign partner regions - for example, the promotion of foreign investment in Japan, technical and design tie-ups and joint R&D, JETRO works with the regions in such ways as conducting researches to examine local needs, dispatching and receiving missions and holding business seminars and meeting in domestic and foreign regions.
(5) Business Support Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC)
We, IBSC Osaka offer a wide range of free services and facilities to support foreign companies which intend to set up business in Kansai area. We provide free office space for temporary use, comprehensive information, and overall business consultation.
(6) Business Support FAZ Support Center
Full-time advisors offer consultation services on trade and investment to domestic and foreign companies at FAZ Support Centers located in the designated Foreign Access Zone (FAZ): Osaka South Port, Kansai International Airport, and Kobe Port.

< Osaka FAZ Support Center>
Address: ATC-ITM 3F I-1, 2-1-10, Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0034
TEL +81-6-6615-5255
FAX +81-6-6615-5256

< Osaka Rinku FAZ Support Center>
Address: Rinku Gate Tower Bldg. 15F, 1 Rinku Orai Kita, Izumisano,Osaka 598-0048
TEL +81-724-60-1022
FAX +81-724-60-1023

<Kobe FAZ Support Center (in JETRO Kobe)>
Address: Kobe KIMEC Center 3F, 1-5-2 Minatojima Minami-machi,Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0047
TEL +81-78-304-0051
FAX +81-78-306-5318
(7) Other Supports Support programs for local governments
In collaboration with persons in charge of investment promotion in local governments and related organizations, JETRO holds study meetings to exchange ideas and information on effective actions to attract foreign businesses and learn from foreign advanced activities. JETRO supports local governments in holding seminars for foreign companies and related organizations to help them establish businesses in the regions by providing DM list and meeting space, etc.. We also provide local governments with opportunities to give presentation to foreign companies that visit Japan with the assistance of JETRO on investment climate of the prefectures.
(8) Other Supports Working Groups for investment promotion strategy
Aiming at making positive plan to attract foreign companies to the regions, JETRO organizes Working Groups in collaboration with local governments and related organizations so as to study related measures, industrial exchange plan and select potential industries and sites for attracting foreign companies.
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