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> Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry ( METI-KANSAI )

Web Site http://www.kansai.meti.go.jp
(languages: Japanese, English)

Location <Address>1-5-44, Ohtemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-8535
<Phone> +81-6-6966-6000
To Contact <Section>International Affairs Department
- EInternational Investment Promotion Division
    -EInternational Business division
    -EInternational Affairs division

Message from the Organization
Mission for the International Affairs Department is the promotion of foreign direct investment in Japan, planning and implementation of comprehensive measures and policies which can lead to the internationalization of regions and supporting international conferences.
Support Measures
(1) Information Services Information Japan office with regard to foreign investment
This office began operations on the 1st of July this year in order to establish the promotion system of foreign direct investment in Japan where the regions will be joined into one unit and make for a smoother provision of investment information.

[ Contact details for Information Japan Office ]
Contacts: Yuki Fukunaga, Teppei Uemura, Hirokazu Murai
Direct Telephone Number : +81-6-6966-6035 / FAX : +81-6-6966-6087
E-mail : invest-japan-kansai@meti.go.jp
[ The Main Content of the Governmental Services Offered by the Aforementioned Facility ]
The offering of counseling with regard to investment
The offering of information with regard to investment
Assistance with regard to the application of approval permits*
Making arrangements for contact with JETRO regarding investment
*We do not take acceptance of any approval permit applications
(2) Information Services PR activities on the investment environment in Kansai
As a secretariat of K-CIP, we make public relations materials such as pamphlets and information posted on the internet web-site on the investment environment in the region. We then distribute them to domestic and foreign organizations.


(3) Information Services

Investing in Kansai Guidebook
An outline of support measures in this guidebook is posted on our internet web-site as well.
<languages> Japanese / English
http://www.kansai.meti.go.jp/3-1toukou/guidebook.htm (Japanese)
http://www.kansai.meti.go.jp/3-1toukou/engguidebook.htm (English)

(4) Business Matching

Industrial Trip / Invest-in-KANSAI Promotion Seminar
METI-Kansai has been conducting the industrial trip in order to give foreign business people to inspect various facilities. METI also holds the Kansai investment environment seminar as part of their activities to promote investment in Kansai. It is hoped that through providing general information to foreign companies about the investment environment in Japan that this will assist effective business matching.

(5) Subsidy

Subsidy for encouraging the accumulation of import relatedbusinesses (FAZ subsidy)
METI provides subsidies for projects that encourage foreign businesses and assist in the holding of international symposiums carried out by local governments.

< to contact>
International Investment Promotion Division, International Affairs Department, METI-Kansai
Trading Promotion Team, Industrial Development office, Kyoto Prefectural Government
Tourism and International Business Promotion Division, Osaka Prefectural Government
Economic Affairs Bureau, Planning Division, International Economic Affairs Department, Osaka Municipal government. Phone:+81-6-6208-8963
Business Development Division, Kobe Municipal government

(6) Credit Guarantee

Support System for the " Designated Inward Investors "
Designated inward investors are entitled to credit guarantees provided by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (SMRJ). (Financial examinations by SMRJ are required.)

(1) Japanese branches or offices of foreign enterprises, or Japanese corporations whose foreign capital ratio exceeds 1/3 of the total capital.
(2) Companies that have been operating less than 8 years since the date of establishment or foundation of their branches, offices, or subsidiaries.
(3) Businesses to be targeted are those which involve the manufacturing, wholesale sales, retail sales or services industries in Japan. Furthermore these businesses must fall under the 151 business categories stipulated by related ordinances concerned.

< to contact>
International Investment Promotion Division, International Affairs Department

(7) Information Services

Kansai Technical Visit Map
To appeal to foreign visitors about the attractions of the Kansai region, this map introduces industrial facilities in the region that can be visited, which utilize the industrial potential of the region.

< Type of medium> publication / web-site: http://www.kansai.meti.go.jp/2kokuji/visitlist/list.htm <languages>Japanese / English version, Japanese / Chinese version
< to contact> International Business division, International Affairs Department

(8) Information Services

KANSAI Internationalization Data File 2003
We publish this annual volume with the aim of providing a comprehensive collection of data concerning the state of globalization in the Kansai region. This data file consists of 8 chapters: Among some of which include " Trade " , "Foreign investment " , "Direct investment overseas " , " and Human resource development ". We hope that this publication will be useful in many ways as a basic data collection piece to help promote trade and globalization in Kansai.

<Type of medium> publication / web site : http://www.kansai.meti.go.jp/3-1kokusai/index.html
< languages> Japanese / English
< to contact> International Affairs division, International Affairs Department

(9) Other Supports

Promotion of region to region exchanges
In collaboration with JETRO, METI-Kansai has been promoting International Exchanges in supporting the holding of business meetings between the Kansai region and foreign countries.
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