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Kansai ; A New Industrial Creation Base Open to the World
Research and development with limitless potential
Kansai is home to about one thousand private research institutes attached to universities and colleges, with research and development capabilities of limitless potential. Most have world-class research and development capabilities. Because it has long been an originator of new products and industries, Kansai has a reputation as a pioneer in Japan. Clearly, the high potential of Kansai's research and development has accelerated industrial operations. As for research in the photo-quantum, biochemical, and environmental technologies, as well as the areas of electronic parts and devices, Kansai boasts many world-class technologies. The continued development of these technologies is sure to attract worldwide attention.
Research institutes deeply rooted in the community
The roughly 350 national, prefectural, and municipal experimental and research institutes in the Kansai region conduct a wide variety of research in specific fields. These institutes provide technical education as well as testing and experimentation services to local enterprises in order to solve any technical problems that may arise with their products and production processes.
Kansai offers the right setting for first-class international research institutes
Recently, several specialized research institutes have been established in Kansai, including Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute, International Environmental Technology Centre of the United Nations Environment Programme, Ion Engineering Center Corporation, and other institutes.
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