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private organaizations that provide support for business investment
To start up business in Japan, a foreign company needs the help of local professional for marketing analyses, legal affairs, labor affairs, accounting, real-estate and so forth. This site lists private offices and services of professionals located in Kansai who can assist foreign companies in these areas. The information was compiled by survey. To get a list of organizations with staff that speak a certain language/languages, click on a language/languages under Spoken Languages. To get a list of organizations that provide a particular service/services, click on a service/services under Supported Services.
Spoken Languages Supported Services
1. English
2. German
3. French
4. Chinese
5. Korean
6. Italian
7. Spanish
8. Portuguese
9. Arabic
10. Others
1. Marketing analysis prior to investment
2. Investment strategy analysis
3. Investment cost analysis
4. Introduction to potential Japanese partners
5. Registrations and visa formalities
6. Legal services for starting up companies
7. Accounting and tax
8. Labor affairs and social insurance
9. Human resource outsourcing and headhunting
10. Hiring support and advertising
11. Translation and interpretation
12. Office space
13. Warehouse and distribution center
14. Factory land
15. Transportation and shipping
16. Customs clearance and trade affairs
17. Housing, moving and lifestyle support
18. International remittance
19. Others
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