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K-CIP top > The Voice of the People who Live in kansai > Some Successful Examples of Foreign-affiliated Campanies in Kansai > A. R. MEDICOM. INC. (ASIA) Ltd. Japan Representative Office
~Located in Japan, the world’s 2nd biggest market; Kobe with its international port is the optimal business base for this company requiring logistics speed~
Location in Kansai Address : Kobe City
Year of location : 2003
Company form : Japan representative office
Business Field & Products Manufacture and sales of single-use infection-preventative and hygienic supplies for medical & dental use (apron, towel, gauze, mask, goggles)
No. of Employees 15
Company Profile http://www.medicom-japan.com/
The parent company is A. R. Medicom Inc., which was established in 1988 in Montreal, Canada. This global company specializes in the development, manufacture and sales of infection-preventing single-use medical and dental supplies. Starting with the Netherlands, it set up representative offices in USA, Hong Kong, Shanghai and now Japan. A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd. Japan Representative Office was established in Kobe in 2003. It works in close liaison with Shanghai, which is the production base, and conducts product planning, quality control, inventory control and other operations. Despite the proliferation of rivals, the company has its strength in its high quality products created from the know-how of the Canadian parent company and manufactured in Shanghai at low cost.
Reasons for Locating in Kansai
The President of the Japan Office had been involved in an import project of Medicom’s products when working for a trading company. This project became an independent venture, leading to the Japan Office being set up. The main reason for choosing Kobe was because the trading company was located in Kobe. Also, goods produced in Shanghai are transported to Japan by sea, making Kobe an important gateway. In setting up the office, the Hyogo Investment Support Center (HIS) – organizational change to Hyogo-Kobe Investment Support Center from April 2005 – gave support. The company is making use of the office rent subsidy system offered by Hyogo Prefecture and the City of Kobe.
Advantages of Kansai
- In addition to the Port of Kobe being an advantage, Kobe is situated virtually at the center of Japan, which brings benefits in terms of logistics cost.
- When the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project makes further progress, there would obviously be more chance for the company’s business expansion.
- The Kansai has a big population and is also attractive because of the convergence of drug companies and medical equipment companies.
- Compared to the Tokyo area, business cost is lower.

- Kobe has a good residential environment, contributing to the “brand image” that Kobe is the place for foreign companies.
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