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JAPAKO, Japanese corporation of YOUNGSAN INFO- COMMUNICATION Co. Ltd., was established in Osaka known for its warm-heartedness with the aim of building a bridge by promoting business between South Korea and Japan. The company strives to provide the best products and services to ensure a brighter future and contribute to society and people.
Location in Kansai Address : Osaka City
Year of location : 2004
Company form : Headquarter of Japanese operation
Business Field & Products Production of e-learning solutions/contents, Development of software
No. of Employees 1 (CEO)
Company Profile http://www.japako.com/
Parent company is Youngsan Info-communication Co., Ltd., a South Korean company founded in 1991. In the early years of its operation, Youngsan was engaged in developing multimedia-related hardware, such as image processing systems designed for hospital use. However, a rapidly growing social trend toward emphasizing home education motivated the company to develop South Korea’s first online education solution “GVA,” to provide more people with higher-quality education service at lower prices. At present, GVA recognized as the country’s leading online education solution, enjoys a market share of more than 70%. Users of the product include government ministries and agencies such as the National Tax Service and the national institute of public administration of the Ministry of Information and Communication, academic institutions including OCU (Open Cyber University), Pusan National University and Chungnam National University, companies such as Posco (steel manufacturer) and Korea Exchange Bank, and many portal sites such as beu.com. JAPAKO was established in April 2004 through joint venture agreement with Sanyo Electric Co.,Ltd. JAPAKO designs its products meeting the needs of each customer, customizes them in its head office in South Korea and supplies the products to the Japanese market. Engineers in South Korea and those of Sanyo are responsible for after-sales service. Main products include GVA XT Author (authoring tool), GVA XT LMS (learning management system) and GVA XT Live Class (live lecturing system). These products are used for e-learning in schools and employee education in companies. In future, the company plans to set up an office in Tokyo as well to access a wider variety of technologies and more business opportunities.
Reasons for Locating in Kansai
Taking the opportunity provided by participating in the exhibition “e-Learning World 2001” held at Tokyo Big Sight in July 2001, Youngsan began sales activities in Tokyo. While working in Tokyo, the company was offered business opportunities in Kansai and set up an office in the start-up business office in Business Innovation Center Osaka. As a result, the company successfully struck one business deal after another in the Kansai region, leading to the establishment of a system that ensures its aggressive sales activities in Osaka. In the process of its founding, the company received various types of support from Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC) including the introduction of the IT incubation office, where the company is now located. Support was also provided by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., its joint venture partner.
Advantages of Kansai
- Office rent is low.
-Because the company's present office is close to the station, it is very convenient to do business with Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. and other Osaka-based companies.
- There is nothing in particular that is inconvenient in daily life. People in Osaka are friendly to newcomers and willing to help them in everyday life.
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